Kurgo Backyard Birdie Just Violet

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Go Together. Play Together.

Kurgo’s Backyard BirdieTM is a great toy for your bird-loving dog, and best of all ours is made with chew-friendly, non-toxic material and not real feathers! And, like your dog’s favorite water fowl, our Birdie is designed to float on water. Dig out your badminton racquet and let the games begin, or throw it like a football and watch it spin! For more toys and endless fun, complete the set with our Yard Games Package.


Made of non-toxic TPE material
PVC free
Floats on water
Dishwasher safe

Try this game: Grab two people and 2 racquets. Hitting the birdie back and forth play a little keep-away with your pup. Once he’s got his eye on the prize, hit it as far as you can and have him fetch it up. Have an idea for a game? Submit it to yardgames@kurgo.com and, if we publish it, you’ll receive a $50 Kurgo gift card.

Additional Information

Toys are not covered by our Lifetime Warranty or Repair & Replace Service, because toys, after all, are mostly about chewing. We believe our toys are very durable but some dogs are tougher chewers than others.