Winter Weather and Your Dog

Posted by Justin Thomas on Jan 4th 2018

Winter Weather and Your Dog

As I am driving today I heard about all of the strange places that had snow or freezing weather.  I thought it would be good to remind people of some important actions we need to keep our furry friends safe.  I found a WebMD article that gave some good tips.  We have some good coats for your furry friends too on our site if we can help.  

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Keep Your Dog Warm: A Cold Weather Guide - Healthy Pets - WebMD › Healthy Dogs › Feature Stories

Aug 27, 2017 - "If it's so cold that you think you should cover their head, you probably shouldn't go outdoors." To keep your pal's coat healthy during the winter, bump up the protein and fat in his diet. Wipe down his paws. Ice, snow, salt, and toxic chemicals like antifreeze and de-icers can build up onyour dog's feet.