Tips On Washing Your Dog

Posted by Justin Thomas on Feb 22nd 2018

Tips On Washing Your Dog

I got a lot of this from King Kanine's website.  I thought it to be a good bit of info that we can all learn a little.

As an owner of a self serv dog wash I thought this could come in handy for people wanting to keep their four legged friends clean.

Finding the Best Location

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Repetition is key for a dog. You don't want to bathe him in the sink one month then outside the next.

The size of your dog (or how big he/she will become) should factor into where you bathe your dog. A kitchen or laundry room sink works for small dogs while the bathtub is more logical for larger dogs.  Might I suggest for those of you who live near a dog wash to visit them.  Look for a place that provides things like towels, shampoo, conditioner, combs, brushes, professional blow dryers and aprons.  If you do find a self serv dog wash in your neighbood make sure they have a small dog setup or ramp if needed. It just makes it easier on you and your dog.  Manned washes should be cleaner and have more to offer than unmanned washes that tend to not get cleaned as often.

When you bathe your dog, let him or her have one or two familiar toys in the bath with him. If you're bathing him or her in the tub, put down a non-slip mat so he feels more steady.