Doggles Replacement Lenses

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Replacement lenses for the ILS 2 style Doggles are offered for a variety of reasons to suit your every need! For those who want to add a little color and style to their ILS 2, there are 9 different colors to choose from. Lenses can be replaced when damaged or for different activities, bright sunny days, or inside use. Please double check your Doggles to make sure they are ILS or ILS 2 before placing your order. To check your Doggles to see which model you have, look at the upper left comer of the front of the right lens (if you are looking at the front of the Doggles, it will be on the upper left comer). Doggles ILS will have the letters "ILS" in the upper left corner while Doggles ILS 2 will have "ILS2" in the upper left corner.