Fizzion Stain and Odor Refill packet 2pk

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Fizzion® is a totally revolutionary concept in eco-friendly pet stain and odor cleaners. Fizzion® takes advantage of the natural cleaning power of CO2 to break down odor causing bacteria, eliminating it forever. Completely safe for use in homes, around children and all pets. Fizzion® has been developed as a heavyweight commercial cleaner and odor eliminator. Fizzion's® powerful CO2 fizzing action cleans stubborn stains and odors on contact with ease. Other cleaners claim not to add harsh chemicals or foreign bacteria to clean. Not in any way does Fizzion® add anything harmful, it's pet and kid safe. It's very unique formula uses all non-toxic ingredients and kills odor-causing bacteria the natural way by breaking down and destroying the cell walls giving it no option but to neutralize. Just add hot tap water to activate Fizzion's® supercharged cleaning power technology.