Snout About Strap Raspberry

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This head halter for dogs provides a soft but flexible option to reduce undesired behaviors, while still allowing your dog to breathe and drink as normal. The custom designed webbing cross is easily adjustable and fits comfortably for all day use. Popular for dog training, the Snout About StrapTM is often used as an alternative to a head halter, gentle leader, or no-pull harness.

Attach leash to strap to prevent pulling and use for training
Design makes it difficult for dogs to remove with their paws
Strong nylon webbing
Printed grosgrain and reflective ribbon
UTX quick release buckle for ease of use
Custom designed webbing cross for adjustment
To size your Snout About Head Halter, simply measure the neck like a traditional collar and use the following size guidelines:

10-14" = Small
12-19" = Medium
18-29" = Large