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Our anti-slip Sport PAWks are ideal for indoor and outdoor wear, providing traction and protection for your dog’s paws. This dog socks can also help to protect your dog paws from heat, cold and debris.

SportPAWks - Dog Socks - PRODUCT No. 642

Anti-slip coating maximizes grip and protects paws from hotpavement, salt, debris and other outdoor irritants
Provides elderly dogs with the traction needed to maintain mobility
Protects sensitive paws
Provides a barrier protecting hardwood floors and leather seats from claw scratches
Comes in a set of 4 -1 for each paw!
Machine washable - Do not iron, bleach or dry clean
Not for use in icy or freezing conditions
Always monitor your dog while wearing Sport PAWks to ensure they do not overheat. We recommend taking the Sport PAWks off every couple of hours to give the paws a rest before putting them back on.